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Current Status

Plus our trusty advisor and resident lurker Dominic Monn Dominic Monn.

What we're building now

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What is this?

12x Startup is a cohort of 6 motivated makers, each building a new startup every month for the next year.

(In theory that makes 72 startups shipped by November 2021!)

The goal is to try lots of things, ship quickly, learn from our own projects (and each others') and to build in public.

And above all else, we want to find a few projects in the process worth focusing on long-term.

Like many others, we were inspired by Pieter Levels' 12 Startups in 12 Months. After realizing that a few people planned to do it on their own, we banded together to form a serial maker Voltron!

The name is also a bit of a joke about 10x developers. Instead of being 12x better at building startups, we're each just going to build 12 of them until we're good at it.

To follow along, you can find us on Twitter or join the mailing list to get notified about our first livestreamed demo:

Wish us luck (and perseverance)!

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Email us at hey@12xstartup.com.